Where: Meet at Community Rowing Center, Yellow Parking Lot

What: Paddle Sport

Contact:David Wicks | 502.671.3595

Website: louisvilletickets.com

Flyer & outline of event

A meaningful way to tour Louisville.

Calling all Paddlers! River City Paddle Sports is on a mission this summer! We are looking for anyone and everyone to come down to the waterfront to try their hand at paddling! Every Monday starting April 29, 2019, we will be hosting an Introductory Class to paddling and being “Mindful” on the water. This class is intended to help newbies, beginners, intermediates, and advanced unite as we cross the waters in our Voyager Canoes. This 3 hour class will teach the basics of paddling, history of the Ohio River, Silent Paddling, and more!

The goal is to build confidence, inspiration, and action to become one with the river and watersheds of our city. If you have found yourself looking for ways to get involved – but not sure where to start – well then look no further!

Along with this class, participants will learn about the Waterfront Development Corporation, Kentucky Waterways Alliance, the Botanical Gardens, and other opportunities to join communities in Louisville. We will also teach you about the incredible programs on the horizon happening in our city.

Classes only allow for 12 people in the boat, so don’t miss out! All proceeds raised will go toward River City Paddle Sports’ mission to bring education and awareness to the waters of our Commonwealth.

Flyer & outline of event

Admission: $17; tickets available at louisvilletickets.com.