Hours: 6am – 11pm daily, year-round


Parking: Blue lot (paid); Green lot; Witherspoon Street (south side only; metered)



Water FeatureThe Water Feature, located between the Festival Plaza and the Overlook, is a series of pools and waterfalls that step down to the river from near Witherspoon Street, with the last pool emptying into the Ohio River. A series of pedestrian bridges cross the pools to connect the Festival Plaza to the Overlook and Great Lawn. The bridges are made of a gridded metal that allows pedestrians to see the water below their feet. Tree planted bays at pool level provide a serene place to sit and listen to the music of the flowing water.


Dancing Waters, located at the head of the Water Feature at Witherspoon Street, is a system of water jets that shoot up from the ground, allowing kids of all ages to play and escape the summer heat.

Both the Water Feature and Dancing Waters operate year-round.