Endless Summer Paddle and Coffee Company and River City Paddle Sports are offering a series of talks about issues related to the Ohio River. The talks will be held at Endless Summer Coffee Shop, 1301 Frankfort Avenue (in the RiverPark Place development overlooking the marina), unless otherwise noted. All talks are FREE and open to the public. The series includes:

Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 7pm: “Is the Ohio River Safe for Recreational Contact?”

The history of Ohio River water quality monitoring and current status of the river’s health.  The presentation will review the history of Ohio River water quality monitoring, current status of the river’s health, how individual boaters can access water quantity and quality data for their area, and the red flags that we should all recognize when recreating on the river. The talk will be presented by Jerry Schulte, Cincinnati Ohio:  Media Coordinator for Ohio River Recreational Trail, Paddlefest and Ohio River Swim. Retired, Manager Source Water Protection & Emergency Response  ORSANCO: Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission.

August 1, 7 pm – “A Secret History of American River People”

Presented by Wes Modes. Wes is a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, CSU Monterey Bay, and San Jose State University. He has taught more than thirty classes at Free Skool Santa Cruz, a project he helped form.  A Secret History of American River People is an artist’s journey through the history of a river. It is a project to recreate a 1940s shantyboat for a series of epic river voyages to build a collection of personal stories of people who live and work on the river.

August 21, 7 pm:  “Harmful Algae Blooms”

A University of Louisville Citizen Science Project.  What is that green stuff?  Learn how to identify potentially harmful algal blooms and differentiate them from “safe” algae.  Contribute to scientific pursuit to understand the cause and preferred habitats of the harmful species.    This session is open to anyone who wants to learn and those who wish to sign up as a citizen science HAB volunteer. Presented by Tamara Sluss, Ph.D., Director of MA MS Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration in sustainability, Department of Urban & Public Affairs. Research: Large rivers, streams, invertebrates, nutrient export, harmful algal blooms, sustainability of aquatic resources, ethnobotany, and renewable energy and land use.

September 22, 2 pm:  “Photographs: The Ohio\River Adventure” at Galerie Hertz, 1253 South Preston.

The Ohio River Voyageur Adventure – Opening reception at Galerie Hertz;  Reception for a Photograph exhibit of shots taken during the 2019 Ohio River Recreation Trail Voyageur Canoe Adventure.

John Nation and Joe Wolek:   For the past 30-years, John worked as a photographer for the Louisville Magazine. He also worked as a free-lance photographer during his time with the magazine. He has been published regionally, nationally and internationally in many magazines and books including Time, Nation’s Business, Food Arts, and Landscape Architecture, Time Life’s “The Kentucky Derby,” Louisville, A River Serenade, The Dacian Chronicles, “Turning Heads: Portraits of Grace, Inspiration and Possibilities,” and many more.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Joe Wolek studied photography and conceptual art at San Francisco State University and the California Institute of the Arts. In 1999 his artistic focus took a decided change after receiving a Durfee Foundation Grant that allowed him an extensive excursion to China, Mongolia and Siberia.  Subsequently, he ventured back to this area numerous times on photographic expeditions for the University of Pennsylvania and the Smithsonian Institute as well as his own personal forays. These expeditions allowed him to not only peer into other cultures but to also see his own in a new light.

October 23, 7 pm: “The Ohio River Recreation Trail – 274 Miles and 30+ Unique River Towns”

The Ohio River is a vast water resource that stretches 981 miles from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL., however the first segment of the Trail, which this proposal addresses, is a 274 river mile reach starting at Portsmouth, Ohio (Ohio River mile 356) and ending at West Point, Kentucky (Ohio River mile 630).  The Ohio River is a multi-use resource supporting municipal and industrial needs, water borne commerce and recreation.  The presentation will describe the ongoing work to dedicate the Ohio River Recreation Trail as National Water Trail authorized by the National Park Service.

Presented by Dr. David Wicks,  Chair, River City Paddle Sports and Co-Convener of the Ohio River Recreation Trail. Dr. Wicks is a retired from the Jefferson County Public Schools Center for Environmental Education. He has taught university classes and has extensive international service. He has served as the President of both the North American Association for Environmental Education as well as the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education.