A partnership born out of a conversation seven years ago has sent a message on the importance of Louisville’s drinking water and at the same time generated thousands of dollars to bring safe drinking water to people around the world.

Since 2011, Waterfront Development Corporation and Louisville Water Company have worked to eliminate the amount of single-use plastic bottles at Waterfront Park. In doing so, their partnership at WFPK Waterfront Wednesday concerts have netted more than $10,000 to date for WaterStep, a local non-profit that works to install safe drinking water systems in other countries.

WFPK Waterfront Wednesday is a free monthly concert series held from April to September at Waterfront Park. The event features a Louisville pure tap® tent where guests can bring a reusable container and fill it with Louisville’s tap water for free or purchase a Louisville pure tap® bottle for $2 and fill it up.  During the concerts, WaterStep assists in selling the bottles and uses the proceeds for its projects to bring safe drinking water to other parts of the world. The 2017 season was the most successful to date with just over $3,700 generated for WaterStep’s Disaster Relief fund. WaterStep recently responded to Hurricane Maria where staff and volunteers brought 22 kits for cleaning water to Puerto Rico and trained local officials and emergency workers to use them.

For many who attend WFPK Waterfront Wednesday concerts, they’re accustomed to seeing the Louisville pure tap® set-up.  Louisville Water brings its portable water units to nearly 200 events annually with a goal of making it easy to enjoy tap water and highlighting the quality and value of Louisville’s drinking water.  Plastic water bottles are frequently the most common item that wash ashore along the Ohio River, and Waterfront Development is working to keep the park free of trash.

Louisville Water trademarked its tap water as Louisville pure tap® in 1997 and launched a campaign around the quality, value and innovation of tap water. Our water company has some of the highest quality and best tasting tap water in the nation, and it’s a natural fit for events at Waterfront Park.