Photo by Sandor C. Zaldivar

Special programs planned for Louisville City FC & holidays

For the first time since late July, the Big Four® Bridge colorful LED lights will be shining brightly every evening between sunset and 1:00 a.m. The lighting will kick off this evening with a tribute to Louisville City FC for winning the 2018 USL Championship. Bridge lights will feature a holiday theme the weekend after Thanksgiving in celebration of Light Up Louisville, and the holiday theme will continue in sync with Waterfront Park’s new Holiday Laser Dome attraction, which will operate by the Big Four® Bridge November 23 – December 31. On New Year’s Eve, the bridge will feature a spectacular display of color and motion to welcome in the New Year. Waterfront Park will also celebrate the holidays with Christmas Tree Lane, where folks can swing by November 23 – December 24 to pick up their Christmas tree, wreath, or holiday greenery.

The lighting system, which was damaged this summer by a combination of abnormally heavy rains and lightning strikes, has been repaired and refortified. Waterfront Park is establishing a proactive maintenance program to check the lighting system regularly to make sure fixtures are in working order and sealed from the elements. End-of-year donations to the park will be used to help fund this program, which will include scheduled inspections by bridge lighting contractors.

Park visitors and supporters who would like to donate to this fund can do so by visiting All support is greatly appreciated!