Getting Your Project Approved

WRO Approval

If your project is located within the WRO District, you will need to have your project reviewed and approved under the WRO process before you obtain your building permit or permits from Louisville Metro. All permits must be obtained prior to commencing work. The following is a brief description of the process you will need to follow. You can also download a to print.

Step One

For ease of navigation thru the approval process, it is recommended that you first contact the WRO Administrator at (502) 574 3768 and set-up a meeting to discuss your proposed project.

Step Two

Find out what WRO process your project will be reviewed under by reviewing Section 162.45 of Louisville Metro Ordinance 66-2004 (page 8 in the handbook).

Which listing describes your project?

  • Exempt: (ordinary repairs, temporary signage, etc.)
  • Expedited (landscaping, permanent signage, etc.)
  • Non-expedited (new construction, major changes, etc.)

Step Three

Put together a packet of information that contains a comprehensive description of your proposed project.

Depending on the scale of your proposed project, this packet could be as simple as an 8 ½ x 11 inch sketch. Or, it could be a binder that contains a site plan drawing, rendering, material samples, etc. This packet must illustrate as best possible the appearance and impact of your project with the WRO district.

Step Four

The information packet will be reviewed by the WRO Administrator. If your project is ‘non-expedited’, then it may be evaluated at a meeting of the WRO Design review committee.

Step Five

A written response from the WRO Administrator will be provided to you as to the project’s status: approved, approved with conditions, or denied.

Step Six

If your project is approved, then you can proceed with the normal implementation process.

If your project is approved with conditions, then you will need to alter the project accordingly, or appeal this decision to the WRO Administrator.

If denied, you can appeal to the WRO Administrator and WRO Board. If denied again, you can either alter your project to satisfy the concerns of the WRO or appeal thru the courts system.

For an illustrated ‘Step by Step’ of this Application Process, see the flow chart.