Waterfront Design Review

The Louisville Waterfront District is governed by a special ordinance entitled the “Waterfront Development Review Overlay District” (commonly referred to as the WRO District).

Click here for a map of the WRO District.

All construction projects and signage proposed within the WRO District are governed by a design approval process known as the Waterfront Review Overlay (WRO) permitting process. Projects within this special district require waterfront design review approval by the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation.

WDC, working with a team of architects from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, reviews each project application using the principles and guidelines listed in Sections 162.40-162.48 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances. These guidelines specify, among other things, that development must enhance waterfront scenic qualities and be sensitive to the area’s unique environmental qualities.

If you are proposing any development activity within the WRO District please contact the WRO Administrator at 502.574.3768 to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.