Our Team

Since the completion of the first portions of Waterfront Park in the mid 1990s, the Waterfront Development Corporation’s mission has evolved into fundraising, park maintenance, event production and coordination, park planning and construction WDC relies on the hard work and dedication of the staff and board to make this mission possible.

WDC Board

Susan Moss | Chair
Carter Vance | Treasurer
Oliver Barber| Vice Chair

Nicole Walton | Secretary
Rob Banks
Scott Brinkman

Greg Fischer | Mayor
David James | Metro Council
Christopher Jones
Carmen Miller
Ted Nixon

Frank Ward
Jaleigh White


WDC Staff

Deborah Bilitski | President
David Karem | Director Emeritus
Cordell Lawrence | CFO
Paul Carey
Marlene Grissom
Greg January
Ryan Johnson
Konrad Kraft

Alex Laughlin
Richard Marion
Bryan McKiernan
Catherine Nelson
Keefe O’Brien
Gary Pepper
Kelley Runyon
Ashley Cox Smith

4-Legged Crew
Ella Bilitski
Lucy Grissom
Lily Karem
Stella & Gunnar Nelson
Mojo Pepper
Pancho Smith